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First job

What was your first job? The first one you got paid for doing, by someone other than your parents.

If you count summer jobs, my first was as a lab assistant at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. I mostly took care of the research animals, feeding, watering, and cleaning cages for rats, mice, guinea pigs, and chicks. Sometimes I helped the lab techs weigh the animals, or measure and weigh stuff for projects they were working on.

My first full-time (not summer) job after I graduated was as a bank teller where I’d worked the previous summer. But that only lasted until I got married and the huz and I moved from Oklahoma City back to Norman so he could attend law school. The J-school director hooked me up with the publisher of the Norman newspaper and my mommy-track career was born in the Norman Transcript‘s advertising department.



  1. I worked as a Planter’s Peanut handing out samples in a grocery store as a promotion. Thankfully, no one could see my face on account of the costume.
    Hope that paid more than just peanuts.

  2. As a student I worked for 2 weeks during the summer at Wimbledon tennis club. I worked in the competitors restaurant and got to meet many of the well known players at the time.

    After I finished at Uni I ran my own Graphic design business.
    I’d have had a tough time remaining businesslike around those big names. Somebody famous once came into the bank where I worked, and the whole place went bananas (behind the scenes) as word got around.

    I often wish I’d studied graphic design. Still think about taking a course or two …

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