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McCain and Palin together again

“It” came from Wasilla and strutted into Arizona today to boost Sen. John McCain’s sagging re-election bid.

Seriously, he didn’t learn his lesson in November? He still thinks Sarah Palin can be an asset?

If he had an ounce of sense left, he’d have begged her to stay far, far away. Like deep in the Alaskan wilderness somewhere. I guess the only possible conclusion is he doesn’t have an ounce of sense left.

Pity those voters in Arizona if they don’t have a good alternative.


  1. She’s up to her idiotic yapping again, too. When protesters heckled her, some of the supporters beat him up, and as he was being escorted out, she, oh so BRILLIANT individual she is, said something to the effect of, “John McCain fought and was a P.O.W to give people like this guy the freedom to speak out.” Right, and nothing about how it’s not appropriate to brawl in the aisles? How about, “It’s not okay to hit?”
    That must be how they do things in Alaska.

"Nothing is more dangerous than ignorance and intolerance armed with power." ~ Voltaire

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