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‘You can’t keep doing this kind of stuff …’

From an AP story about the BP oil spill now threatening our Gulf Coast:

Idling his 28-foot charter boat in the lee of Louisiana’s pristine Chandeleur Islands, Bob Kenney looked over the gunwales to see dozens of dead baby jellyfish floating along the hull. …

“You know change is a-comin’ after this, bro,” he said, shaking his head ruefully. “You can’t keep doing this kind of stuff to Mother Ocean.”

Image: Clumps of oil in the waters of Chandeleur Sound, La.  (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

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  1. Every time this subject comes up, I can’t help but hear Palin yelling “Drill Baby Drill.”

    I bet Fox won’t have her covering this issue.
    She doesn’t need Fox for this. Discovery has given her an entire series of her own, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” The first episode will probably be titled “Drill, Baby, Drill.” You’d think in Alaska, more than any place else, they’d understand the perils of offshore oil operations.

"Nothing is more dangerous than ignorance and intolerance armed with power." ~ Voltaire

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