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Pointing fingers don’t cap wells

Surprise, surprise. Oil is still gushing into the Gulf of Mexico at the rate of 210,000 gallons a day, but the responsible parties seem more concerned with blaming each other than shutting off the oil.

BP, Transocean, Halliburton — knock it off!! The only thing you should be thinking about right now is capping your damn well. There will be plenty of time later to allocate blame (and believe me, there’s more than enough to go around).

We know who you are, and the courts, not you, will decide who owes how much to whom. Right now the best thing you can do to limit your losses and CYA is stop the oil and clean up your mess.

And you senators in Washington with your showboat hearing about the whole Deepwater Horizon disaster — just stop. Stop! “Unseemly” is the nicest thing I can say about you. Go make some phone calls, book a flight to Louisiana, twist some arms; do something more constructive than fiddle while Rome burns.

When the well is capped, the oil is cleaned up, and the fishing grounds are open again, then you can take all the time you want to stage hearings, make speeches, take credit, assess blame, and decide who owes what to whom. Now is not the time.


  1. The longer they wait, the more time they have to come up with lies to cover their asses. Now IS the time to investigate.
    The lies have been on file for years. And they’re having a helluva time trying to hide that giant smoking gun in the gulf. I’m not worried about anyone weaseling out of this any time soon.

  2. I’m with Pied Type. If these oil companies and their contractors didn’t already have a government imposed limited liability, it wouldn’t matter who is at fault. Besides, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next deal congress dreams up didn’t obligate my grand children to pay for both the clean up as well as another bailout when these companies go bankrupt failing to do the clean up that’s required. I can almost see the next bill’s title: Congressional
    Regulation Of Companies Keeping Oil From Causing Reoccurring Atrocities Permanently
    Clever. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  3. I agree with you, but you left out one important ‘finger pointer’: the U.S. Government. They have a role in enforcing the safety of both the workers and the environment, and they’re CYA and pointing fingers at the companies. They’re all in the same boat (or well).

    Enough fiddling. They all need to address this problem and figure out how to avoid it in the future.
    I thought my condemnation of the government was implicit in my condemnation of the senators. Our regulatory agencies are every bit as much to blame for this mess as the oil companies. Lax regulation, lax oversight, lax enforcement. The regulators have been, quite literally, in bed with the energy execs.

"Nothing is more dangerous than ignorance and intolerance armed with power." ~ Voltaire

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