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Cafferty and me — this time I saw it

Unreal. My comment today on CNN’s “Cafferty File” was read on the air, and this time I saw it! It happened last week too, but I missed it. Twice in nine days. What are the odds?

Okay, okay, I know I need to get a life. It’s pretty sad when the highlight of your week, or month, is getting one of your comments read on national TV. Seriously, if I had a life, would I be watching daytime CNN in the first place?

Today’s question was about the government starting to track the nation’s “obesity epidemic”: Should the government start keeping track of how fat our children are?

I was on that like white on rice (pardon my carbs): “No. Hell, no! My body, my kid’s body, my business! This is just another step toward the government telling us where, what, when, and how to eat. Stop the food police now!” — signed Sarah, Denver, CO

Guess I’ve burned through my 15 minutes of fame now, for sure.

Too bad. The next question was about Sarah Palin.


  1. Outstanding! It’s not luck when you can do it two times!
    I think it’s poor record keeping on their part, letting me in a second time. But I’m not complaining.

"Nothing is more dangerous than ignorance and intolerance armed with power." ~ Voltaire

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