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Eight presidents and umpteen promises later

Jon Stewart is probably my favorite news commentator these days. I know, he really hosts The Daily Show on the Comedy Network. But his faux news program hits the mark so often and so well that you really aren’t news if he doesn’t mention you.

When President Obama used his oil-spill–inspired Oval Office address the other night to start beating the drums for his energy independence plans, Stewart couldn’t resist. He did a spot on presidents and their energy independence promises. By the time he finished, I think I was closer to tears than laughter.

Our last eight — eight! — presidents have proposed energy independence plans and goals — and yet, here we are, still hooked on oil like a rock star on coke.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


  1. Jon Stewart has become my favorite news reporter as well. 😀

    I was working on a post about this same broadcast when I got your notification. You must be using something other than the regular setup for your blog, because I always have to use an image linked to The Daily Show site to get these videos “in” my posts. *sigh*

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