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Month: August 2010

I should stop knocking Facebook, but …

I’ve already made it abundantly clear how I feel about Facebook, its invasions of and disregard for privacy, its myriad hazards, and the ultimate silliness of it all. I’m probably […]


Gotta love this dog. All that’s missing is a beer.

WP share buttons a hit

Wow. Thank you, readers. And thank you, WordPress. I added the new WordPress share buttons to my posts just yesterday and already you, the readers, have thought enough of my […]

Because we need a little sunshine

With apologies in advance to those who don’t like embedded videos — Thanks to reader Joe R for sending me this video from “Britain’s Got Talent”: This one for dog […]

Same song, second verse

A discussion over at “Sargastic Irrevalence” about tolerance, intolerance, and current events brought to mind the song “You’ve Got to be Carefully Taught” from the 1949 Broadway hit South Pacific. […]

And then they came for me

Heads up, bloggers. They could be coming for you (or me) next. The city of Philadelphia is requiring some bloggers to buy a $300 business privilege license and pay taxes […]

Breastfeeding: Here we go again

There’s a lot of news these days about people being sensitive, or more often insensitive, to the feelings of others. And we all have our sensitivities, one way or another, […]

You, me, and net neutrality

What is net neutrality and why should it matter to you? It’s complicated, and I’ve written about it before. Quite simply, if you’re reading this, it matters. You’re reading this […]

If a tree falls

It was, after all, only a chestnut tree. And trees fall every day. But this one was special. This particular 150-year-old chestnut tree stood outside Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam. […]

Can nice guys finish first?

Here in Colorado, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, the Democratic candidate for governor, has aired his first TV ad. I haven’t given much thought yet to how I’m going to vote […]

More on the mosque

As the media-stoked controversy over the so-called “Mosque at Ground Zero” in New York City rages on, I can’t help thinking about a similar situation: Timothy McVeigh, who bombed the […]

Old tech sometimes the best tech

I fixate sometimes on the oddest little, most inconsequential things. Maybe because I’m a deep, contemplative person? Nah. More likely just because I have the time to indulge myself and […]

Yes, MD board certification matters

The New York Times posted an article yesterday that just caught my attention. It was about our perceptions of foreign-born and foreign-educated doctors. And though I started reading to see […]

Dr. Laura pulls a Helen Thomas

Sounds like “Dr. Laura” Schlessinger pulled a Helen Thomas on her radio show yesterday. She used the “N word” at least 10 times on the air while talking to a […]