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Westboro Baptist Church site gets hacked during interview

Guilty pleasure of the week: Westboro Baptist Church site getting hacked during a radio interview.

A representative of WBC, home of the infamous Phelps Family that demonstrates at military funerals with hateful anti-gay signs, made the mistake of taunting a caller claiming to represent the group Anonymous* during a radio interview. Always polite and while still participating in the live interview, the caller put up his own message on one of the WBC websites. (more below jump)

A screenshot of the caller’s Anonymous message can be seen here (click it to enlarge). At the time of this posting, the WBC website was still down.

Nicely done, Anonymous. You couldn’t have hacked a more deserving organization.

(*Anonymous is a collective of anonymous “hacktivists” from around the world, best known for their “defense” of WikiLeaks by hacking WikiLeaks opponents. Prior to the above interview, WBC was claiming to have received a letter from Anonymous threatening to shut down the church’s websites. Anonymous denied sending such a letter and accused WBC of trying to use the Anonymous name to generate publicity. WBC struck back by posting this taunt. Bad move, WBC, as you now know.)


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  1. What a cheerful little automaton Shirley is. Hatred with smile and verse. It’s so hard to watch these people construct their little hell on earth. She’s quite right, we can’t shut them up, and it’s tragic that with all the knowledge available today that people can choose such complete ignorance.

"The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all." ~ John F. Kennedy

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