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Month: July 2011

Not over ’til the fat lady sings

Write to Congress about the debt ceiling debacle. It’s easy at Sign up with your name and address. Compose a letter, and with one click send it to the […]

A reminder about online privacy

I just saw a CNN report on Internet privacy and how so many entities track your every move for fun and profit. Far too many Internet users never give any […]

Grow up, Washington

President Obama addressed the nation this evening. I didn’t watch. Speaker John Boehner addressed the nation with a response to the president. I didn’t watch. Instead of watching the umpteenth […]


In Sympathy  from an Oklahoma City native

Marriage: yours, mine, and theirs

On CNN’s “State of the Union” this morning, Candy Crowley pressed GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty on the issue of same-sex marriage. She was polite and respectful, but insistent. The […]

This is what’s wrong with Washington

From a Time Magazine interview with former GOP Senator Alan Simpson: Would you run for office now? Oh, hell, no. Now it’s just sharp elbows, and instead of having a […]

Enough with the heat already!

Doh. Guess whose air conditioner went out today. Yep, at 5 pm it was 78° in here and I was really dragging. That’s about the best my A/C can do […]

NASA space shuttles fly into history

In pre-dawn darkness, with appropriately dramatic lighting, U.S. space shuttle Atlantis made its 33rd and final landing this morning at Kennedy Space Center. The landing marked the end of America’s […]

WordPress releases ‘Piano Black’ theme

It’s true. Nothing makes a color image “pop” like a black matrix or background. If you don’t believe me, try previewing WordPress’s newest theme, “Piano Black,” on your WP blog. […]

Four minutes of magic

I found this video mesmerizing. Art, movement, music (“Man in Motion,” an old favorite of mine). At the SVC Entrepreneur Award presentation in Zurich, artist Jean-Pierre Blanchard paints a portrait […]

A whale of a tale

I generally don’t like to post videos, primarily because when I come across them on someone else’s blog, my usual reaction is something along the lines of “Aw, don’t make […]