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But of course there’s a Tebow song

I wrote recently about Cee Lo Green changing John Lennon’s “Imagine” lyrics. Now it seems there’s another case of lyrics-changing making headlines. Only this time, the original artist has made the changes, so it’s legit, if a bit corny. Artists are allowed to take liberties with their own work.

British musician John Parr, whose “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion)” was a huge hit in 1985, has rewritten that song to honor Denver quarterback Tim Tebow. Seriously. Here is “Tim Tebow’s Fire” (I think it would be a lot better with video clips instead of stills; after all, this music is about moving):

I find the whole Tebow thing amusing, often ridiculous, and at times inexplicably amazing and exciting. This song strikes me as a bit silly, especially since it messes with one of my old favorites. But I’m sure it’s only the beginning. No doubt there’s already a book being written somewhere, and I’m betting on a movie at some point. “Tebow: The Movie,” coming soon to a theater near you. Probably with this song as its theme.

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