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Readers who didn’t click through my post to the New York Times article on living alone will have missed a link in the Times article to a blog called Time Goes By. TGB, it turns out, is a blog by and for elders, their preferred term for individuals over age 50. The blog also has a lengthy list of “elderblogs,” written by elders, which I expect to explore thoroughly. I often wished for such a resource.



  1. I see they listed Airy Persiflage. She’s awesome! (And I’m not just saying that because years ago, she nominated me for two Diarist Awards.) Do check her blog out. You will agree with her on many things, and her travel posts are just wonderful.

    You might also enjoy one that isn’t on that list, “Red Nose.” She is often irreverent and hilariously so. See her series called “Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants” (tagged “PUYGP” in her cloud). She just turned 60.

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