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Tour Estes Park with controllable HD webcam

(Note, Mar 31, 2015: Unfortunately this camera is no longer working. The owner hopes to replace it someday.)

I’ve just come across an HD version of the controllable Estes Park, Colo., webcam that I’ve enjoyed so much for several years. Woot! Controllable cameras are so much fun. If you want to see “my” beloved Estes Park, this is the place to go to look around, zoom in and out on interesting features, etc. I use it to check the weather up there (rain? wind? fog?), the traffic, the sunset, fires in the area, anything to escape the city for a few minutes and perhaps plan my next visit. I panicked one day when I saw a thin wisp of smoke over in the park, but a quick phone call confirmed it was a planned, controlled burn by the Park Service.

The camera itself is located on the building at the top of the aerial tram on Prospect Mountain. I was up there just a few weeks ago with the grandkids, feeding peanuts to the chipmunks. I looked for the camera, but didn’t see it.

There are some camera presets in a drop-down menu below the image that you can use to quickly navigate to points of interest. The zoom function is a separate vertical bar on the right. The left-right control is along the bottom edge, and up-down is along the right edge, or you can click on the panorama controller at the bottom of the zoom bar to get a pop-out controller. Next to it is the brightness control; click it to change the brightness. You’ll have two minutes to play. When your time ends, you’ll need to refresh the page to start again. Have fun.

The webcam is run by Eric Calkins, a professional photographer based in Estes. You might want to check out his work while you’re there.

Note: The webcam requires Java and a 64-bit browser. Does not work with Chrome.

Stanly Hotel, Estes Park

Screenshot: The white building in the center of the image is the historic Stanley Hotel, inspiration for The Shining.

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO

Screenshot: The same view of the Stanley Hotel, but with a tight zoom. You can watch people walking up the sidewalk to the front entrance.


    • I don’t remember ever being in the Stanley, although my parents might have taken me when I was little. My DIL went up recently for an overnight stay, tour, and to experience the “ghosts.” She was unimpressed.

      The sound of the river along with the camera would add the perfect ambiance. If not that, then just the wind in the pines. Both are music to the soul.

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