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War on women reaching new low

my body my choiceThe anti-abortion crowd in New Mexico has come up with a creative new idea for forcing a rape victim to carry the unwanted fetus to term: The fetus is evidence against the rapist and thus must be preserved. An abortion would be “tampering with evidence.” House Bill 206 was introduced Wednesday by Rep, Cathrynn Brown (R), who says she is trying to prevent those instances where a rapist forces the victim to have an abortion in order to destroy the evidence of his crime. Once again, the right of a woman to make her own choice about her pregnancy would be irrelevant. She would be relegated to the status of incubator for the state’s evidence, with no choice in the matter. And this time, a new low even for anti-abortionists: the baby they want to save becomes merely “evidence.” Seems to me an aborted fetus would be evidence just as surely as a baby born 9 months later. And there’s always the rape kit that is standard procedure.


  1. I think the bill is evidence that the representative is abusing her power and the system by manipulating the law in a way that was never intended. Eventually, Conservatives will figure out that they can’t keep putting extreme evangelist lunatics like this into office without further destroying their reputation. It’s hard to take the Republican party seriously when they include people like this under their banner.

    • And to think I was a Republican for more than 50 years. Where did these people come from? When did they decide they had to right to interfere this intimately in the very private, personal lives of all American women? It’s so abhorrent it makes my skin crawl. The only good thing about it is that it will speed the demise of the party that insists on trying to to interject their religious views into the lives of others in direct defiance of the Constitution.

  2. GAG. Can’t people just get over it. You can’t have it both ways: if you value respecting others’ customs and cultural differences (not to mention their dignity and right to think as they wish) you can’t seriously propose this.
    (You hear Molly barking as I am shrieking so loudly?)

    • Well, she seriously proposed it, so I guess we know what kind of person she is. And I hear Molly barking. Poor thing. Shrieking hurts her ears. And upsets her. You’ll have to apologize.

"Nothing is more dangerous than ignorance and intolerance armed with power." ~ Voltaire

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