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Twitter grew up when I wasn’t looking

When it comes to social media, I’m happily illiterate and oblivious. I only just noticed that people who follow Pied Type on Twitter can click on “View media” and get a nice preview — including an image — of my posts. Certainly a lot more than just the posts’ headlines (limited to 140 characters), which is all I thought followers were getting. Cool! (Yes, I still say “cool.”)


  1. Yep…that be the case. Works well for prose..but not that much for poet stuff. But I mostly tweet politics at the 140. I use twitter as a news feed. And it’s a living breathing joke machine.

    • I don’t use it at all, other than to have WordPress automatically feed my posts to it. I figure that might be a convenience to some readers. I’m assuming it destroys all the line breaks in your poems?

      • Yes, breaks ’em big time. I think you’d find twitter really interesting. It’s all about who you pick to follow and the use of Hashtags. I follow reporters and pundits, papers and left leaning types. An it’s an asymmetric follow. And if you watch Sunday Q and A it can all fly.

        • I followed some people when I first set up the account. But I usually don’t think to look at it on the computer and rarely even look at my cell phone. I did try looking for hashtags to see comments on the soccer game Friday night and never even saw the one that was trending big time that night. That’s about it. I prefer to get my news elsewhere.

  2. I just haven’t got into Twitter that much. I check it from time to time, but I enjoy Facebook. I barely have enough time for that and my blog, so just cannot pick up another social media now.

"Nothing is more dangerous than ignorance and intolerance armed with power." ~ Voltaire

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