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Anderson Cooper rips Pat Robertson

Anderson Cooper went after Pat Robertson on his AC360 Ridiculist Wednesday night, and it was a thing of beauty. Robertson is a pathetic, hateful old man who deserves all the ridicule he gets.


  1. I didn’t know the 700 Club was still on. That pretty much says it all. Sad sad.
    Still, with diversity, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion (and all can be ridiculed by those who believe differently – that’s not mean, it’s human nature to do that.)
    It’s still on the air? How weird. Seriously.

  2. Blech. What can you expect from a guy whose initials are PR? Okay, that’s unfair. I’m sure there are other people whose initials are PR. Um… Percy Reinhold? Patty Redrick? I don’t know. I feel sorry for you guys.

"Nothing is more dangerous than ignorance and intolerance armed with power." ~ Voltaire

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