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    • I think he planned to kill Jesse along with the Neo Nazis because he thought Jesse had partnered with them. He changed his mind when he realized Jesse had been a prisoner, not a willing partner.

        • I really don’t think you’re giving Walt credit for the genius that he was. He absolutely knew what Jesse had been through before the big shootout in the desert, and I’ll bet anything he knew they were forcing him to cook the instant he heard the blue meth was back on the market…

        • I’ve never actually watched it, but I also recorded last night’s “Talking Bad” episode just in case I had questions. When the discussion got around to Walt’s intent towards Jesse in that final scene, all they really revealed was that it was kinda both ways in the writer’s minds. Aaron Paul simply said Jesse didn’t kill Walt when he had the chance because that would be too much like obeying him again – which he’d sworn he’d never do again. I also thought the discussion about Walt’s admission that he’d really done it all for himself was interesting. Anna Gunn said that Skyler was relieved that he was finally telling the truth. I thought he was just saying what he hoped would help the woman he loved find a little peace. Something I hope I’d have the decency to do…

        • Yes, I watched that. Of course, in addition to never again doing what Walt told him, Jesse didn’t need to shoot him; he could see he was already wounded and knew he was dying of cancer. If anything, shooting him would have been an act of mercy. Maybe Jesse also wanted to let him suffer a little longer?

          I took Walt’s admission to be an honest admission to both himself (finally) and Skyler. I think he meant it. And it made him a more sympathetic character before he died. Not complete redemption by any means, but a flicker.

  1. Dang, ya scared me, PT. I saw “good riddance” in the title of this post yesterday and thought that Gilligan might have messed up the finale. We watched it Monday night – what a relief. Great summary clip – thanks.

  2. Also, Izaak and PT, something occurred to me as missing in that final scene as Jesse, free at last, floored it, speeding away from the massacre. Would it not be consistent with poor Jesse’s track record if there were a siren and flashing lights in his rear-view mirror? 🙄

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