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Deer seeks tryout with Globetrotters

(Image: Andy Kovac)

(Image: Andy Kovac)

No one knows how this deer in Bethel Park, Pa., managed to get a basketball stuck in his antlers. But he hung around long enough in Andy Kovac’s backyard to get his picture taken. Kovac got several good photos (total 8), which were posted by the local CBS affiliate. He says the basketball is slowly losing air and should soon be gone.

(Image: Andy Kovac)

(Image: Andy Kovac)


    • This doesn’t seem as dangerous as some of the things I’ve seen, like an elk with a tire around her neck, and it seems it will be gone soon. Too often, though, this sort of thing threatens the animal’s life.

  1. Did you ever read Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose? This reminded me of that. Anyeay, if the ball doesn’t fall off when it deflates, it will come off when the antlers do this winter. Still, that can’t be comfortable! “Ya know, Vern, sometimes I feel like the weight of the world is bearing down on me. So much on my mind…”

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