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Month: December 2013

Cold enough for you?

I know some of you have probably been enduring much colder, nastier weather than I have here in Denver. Farther north and east there has been a lot more snow. […]

Commas save lives

I have a huge problem during the Christmas shopping season. I tend to buy too much. Not for others, but for myself. Once the sales begin and the purse strings […]

More fox stories

This must be International Fox Week or something. First there was that video I posted yesterday. Then today there was this story on Huffington Post. In Norway, Sniffer the fox and […]

What does Loki the fox say?

Loki is a resident at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park near Redding, California. Cute, isn’t he? But if you want to know what else foxes say, the following video is […]

Yarn bomber adorns Denver statue

I’ve been fascinated by yarn bombing since some bombers received a grant to decorate a fence in Denver a few years ago. But most yarn bombing is a form of […]