Hyphenating Americans

This country is full of hyphenated Americans. Mexican-Americans, Asian-Americans, African-Americans, Irish-Americans, etc. And it leads one to contemplate why. (And yes, we know that, strictly speaking, the hyphens should be […]

Hurricane Irene

Thoughts on Irene

I’ve had the TV on all day, tuned to CNN, watching the news and worrying about everyone on the East Coast. Specifically, I worry about those few individuals I know […]

Note to self: don’t miss another debate

Today I’m regretting I missed the GOP candidates’ debate last night. Purely an oversight; I thought it was tonight. Now I’m stuck watching every pundit and their bazillion guests analyzing […]

Grow up, Washington

President Obama addressed the nation this evening. I didn’t watch. Speaker John Boehner addressed the nation with a response to the president. I didn’t watch. Instead of watching the umpteenth […]


In Sympathy  from an Oklahoma City native