Dogs of war

I’ve always been a sucker for dog stories and happy endings. Combine them and you get something like this:

My advice to Americans regarding Congress

To make sure Congress hears you, write them ( And remember your outrage when you go to the polls next November. These irresponsible elected “representatives” have put party before country […]


Super committee, super failure

The Joint Select Committee on Debt Reduction, aka the super committee, apparently has failed to reach an agreement on how to reduce the nation’s debt. No surprise, really. Did anyone […]

Target's crazy lady

Targeting Thanksgiving Ever heard of it? It’s a website where anyone can start a petition about anything. I was drawn there looking for the petition that a Target employee started to […]

U.S. Capitol at night

The more things change…

The erosion of our confidence in the future is threatening to destroy the social and the political fabric of America. … It is the idea which founded our nation and has […]

Restricting the Internet

Congress is taking aim at our Internet

While the country’s economy is going to hell in a handbasket, our elected representatives are not spending their every waking hour trying to fix it. They should be, but instead, […]

mountain stormfront

Katy bar the door

See that wall of white? That’s what a serious mountain storm looks like. In the high country and on the far side of those mountains the wind is blowing 70-80 […]