A cat tale, part II

Some of you may remember that I adopted a kitten last May. He was a wee thing, 8 weeks old and just 2 pounds. I named him Rowdy. Time passed […]

Media mishaps: Grammar grinch gripes again

I heard it again this morning: NASA pronounced “nassau.” NASA is not pronounced “nassau.” Nassau (NASS-aw) is a city, the capital of the Bahamas. NASA (NASS-uh) is an acronym for […]

A kestrel came calling

It’s of no particular interest unless you’re a bird watcher — or birder, as is said these days — but I glanced out my front window during our storm a […]

Please stay home … for them

We stay here for you ❤ please stay home for us! This photo was posted on the local NextDoor app. It could have originated anywhere, but it should be posted […]

A huge thank you

Consider this a note of deep respect and appreciation to all those on the front lines fighting this coronavirus threat: And an equally big note of appreciation to thoughtful neighbors […]

Nature provides

Nature always seems to provide solace when it’s needed. This was tonight’s sunset as seen on the Nederland, Colo., webcam that is probably the best in this part of the […]

Sheltering in place

So … is everybody out there self-quarantined? Er, sheltered in place? And how are you doing so far? I thought a 14-day trial would be pretty easy. After all, I’m […]

Oh goodie, spring has sprung

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the snowflakes is. I’ve been hoping our unusually mild weather is a “fool’s spring,” but the 10-day forecast doesn’t support […]

Awareness, not panic, is in order

I’ve taken a cautious, fatalistic attitude about COVID-19, the coronavirus that’s sweeping the world media. I think the media have way overhyped the danger to the average American, and Americans […]

Let’s go, Joe!

As some of you know, I have agonized for weeks over which Democratic presidential candidate will get my vote and last night I decided. Despite all the negative things I’ve […]

The Candy Man

  Oh, who can take tomorrow  Dip it in a dream  Separate the sorrow and collect up all the cream The Candy Man  Oh, the Candy Man can  The Candy […]

The Dem debate debacle

I missed the first half-hour of last night’s ‘debate’ (these things have never been proper debates). When I finally tuned in, the candidates were arguing, talking over each other so […]