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Category: Education

hunker down

‘Hunkering down’ for hurricanes

I have restrained myself for approximately four years, so I’m giving myself permission to rant again about a particular pet peeve of mine. Back in 2008 I wrote: When reporters […]

Politics and intelligent design in education

If you’re interested in the issue of evolution vs. creation (aka intelligent design) and its place in our schools, check out Amy Greene’s op-ed piece from yesterday’s New York Times: […]

Salecia Johnson

Georgia principal has 6-year-old arrested

Well, it’s happened again. A school principal, rather than dealing first-hand with a discipline problem at his school, opted instead to call the police. The student in this case was […]

Jack Cafferty

Cafferty renews our relationship

Jack Cafferty’s first question on CNN this afternoon was “Is paying less tuition for a three-year college degree a good idea?” As usual, it was preceded by a thoughtful little […]

Caution: Higher education at work

In today’s New York Times there’s a wonderful editorial by Frank Bruni entitled “A Catholic Classmate Rethinks His Religion.” Don’t be put off by the title; it’s not some treatise […]

Joe Paterno

Feet of clay

Last night Penn State University trustees fired head coach Joe Paterno for his seeming complicity in and indifference to a child molestation incident in 2002. The university president was also […]

It’s never okay

It’s that time of year again. Schools across the country are opening. School zones are firing up their warning lights and polishing up their signs. Police are watching areas they […]

The ‘offensive’ flag drawing

Frankie Girard is an 11-year-old in Orange, Mass. In art class he drew a picture of an American flag. His teacher reportedly refused to hang the picture because it would […]

Chicago school bans brown bag lunches

If you think the government shouldn’t be telling you what to eat, you’re going to love this. The Little Village Academy in Chicago has forbidden its students to bring lunches […]

It’s time to bust the unions

I have great respect for teachers. I really do. Especially those grade school and high school teachers who, in addition to teaching, have to act as baby sitters and disciplinarians […]

Worrywarts, don’t read this

Depressed about the economy? Concerned about education in the US? Then you don’t want to check out this chart from the New York Times. It’s a comparison of some key […]

Cursive on its way out?

I hope I’m not being a stubborn old lady when I say I’m concerned about the apparent trend away from teaching cursive handwriting in schools. Doesn’t that fall under the […]