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Category: Education

Mass media murdering mother tongue

English grammar, usage, and pronunciation as taught by the major news networks: Efforting: As in, “They are efforting to get people out of there before the flood waters rise any […]

Another union rant

I just saw Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, on CNN. She was being interviewed about President Obama’s “Race to the Top” program, a plan to improve […]

Condoms in grade school!?

Historically, Massachusetts has been a bastion of liberalism, but providing free condoms for grade school students?  Without informing their parents? Without parents being able to stop the distribution? Ridiculous. This […]

Spade cats and gas turbans

When my son mentioned eggcorns and I didn’t know what he was talking about, I had to go find the website. I couldn’t let him be the sole possessor of […]

Going to the birds

National news has been the pits lately. But I do have a couple of places I love to visit to unwind. Both are streaming webcams and I’ve mentioned them before. […]

Much ado about Arizona

Arizona is getting a lot of negative publicity these days, mostly because of their recently passed anti–illegal immigration law (SB 1070 and amendment). I’ve no problem with that law and […]

The times they are a changin’

Bet you can’t answer this question: What do the names “F-Bomb Firetrucks” and “Bamfs” have in common? Answer: Both are proposed names for volleyball teams at my 7-year-old grandson’s K-8 […]

In the soup: Starbucks, Bing, Congress, et al

Education funding cuts Cutting funding to education? No wonder students are protesting today. The resulting tuition hikes in many cases will be so large that students already on tight budgets […]

Printed books and their stores endangered

Interesting segment on The Colbert Report tonight. Sherman Alexie, author of the recently released War Dances, was talking about the plight of authors and books today. Alexie mentioned that he […]

Larning to spell iz steel inportunt

As background noise this morning, as on most Sunday mornings, I had Fareed Zakaria’s show on. He was interviewing Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman and CEO, and posed an interesting question. […]

The love of books

Books. What wondrous things they are. How invaluable they’ve been throughout history as bearers and guardians of mankind’s greatest ideas. As I child I was fortunate enough to be surrounded […]

Using their indoor voices

With more grace, tact, and diplomacy than the other principals managed to display this week, President Obama delivered his commencement address today to Notre Dame’s Class of 2009. The controversy […]

Scholarship trumps honorary degree

President Barack Obama will be delivering the commencement address at Arizona State University this evening. But the headline has been that ASU is not going to give him an honorary […]