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Category: Green

What price oil?

Updated March 23, 1:30 pm If you were planning a move to Colorado, is this what you’d want to see? Would you buy a home where this picture was taken? […]

Ulmer is here

In the past there’s been a lot of eye rolling when the local meteorologists get excited about an incoming storm. But this time they nailed it. Winter Storm Ulmer is […]

Have a lanche

It seems logical that if any of the lower 48 states were to have avalanches, it would be Colorado. But a report yesterday that the state has seen at least […]

Incoming storm? What storm?

(Screenshots from approximately 12:30 pm MST. Click pics for current views.) These and many more webcams are always available on “My favorite webcams: Estes Park, Rocky Mountain NP, Pikes Peak, […]

More unusual cardinals

In the last few weeks there has been a significant surge in readership of my posts about Northern Cardinals, particularly the one entitled “World’s loneliest cardinals.” I’ve no explanation for […]

Leave only footprints

By now we’ve all seen pictures of trash piling up in national parks and at national monuments and memorials. A symbol of what happens during a government shutdown? It shouldn’t […]

Coal industry may be bigger than you think

Throughout Colorado’s recent battle over new oil and gas drilling, I never saw coal mentioned. Wind and solar power were often mentioned as the desirable alternatives, but I don’t recall […]

So ugly she’s cute

Meet Tonks, the Denver Zoo’s baby aye-aye. She was born August 8 and is just emerging from her nesting box. Her parents are Bellatrix and Smeagol (appropriate name!). Only 24 aye-ayes […]

My visual Freudian slip

I was reading a news item this morning about Trump and the frightening new climate change report that he released in the wee hours of Black Friday night, hoping few would […]

Dumbo the … octopus?

Ever heard of a dumbo octopus? I hadn’t until now. The dumbo octopus (Grimpoteuthis) gets its name from the fins that resemble the ears of Disney’s Dumbo the flying elephant. It is small, […]

No golfing today in Estes Park

This was the scene on the Estes Park, Colo., golf course today, but I don’t see many golfers. Apparently playing through was not an option. Fall is the rutting season for […]

Colorado snow joke

I woke up two days ago, smug about the hard freeze the night before (I read somewhere that a “hard freeze” is 28° or lower) because I’d had my sprinklers […]

If you go down in the woods today

I’ve written several times about the Alaska brown bears in Katmai National Park and Preserve, and have included links to the webcams that follow their summer salmon fishing. What I […]

Foliage fling

Fall foliage photos are a dime a dozen in Colorado, but this one really caught my eye. I’ve tried for years to describe a brief walk I once took near […]

Hail summer

Last spring there was a wind storm here that blew down fences, knocked over a large woody bush in my backyard, and peeled shingles off the house across the street. […]

Nature makes amends

If you can’t get into the mountains to enjoy the fall color, just watch the horizon at sunset. If you can’t see the western horizon from your location, there’s always […]