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Category: Green

Me and my lyin’ eyes

You say you don’t believe in climate change. You don’t believe the ice packs are melting and the seas are rising. You say it’s all a hoax, that scientists are […]

Forever chasing webcams

It’s said the only constant in life is change. And that includes webcams. They come and go, fail and reappear. As a result, I have to constantly police my Colorado […]

Never stop learning

There’s always something new to learn in Rocky Mountain National Park. Even the locals know that.    

The bear cam is back

They’re back. The Alaskan brown bears at Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park, Alaska. More accurately, the bear cam is live again. There’s a note that the bears appear mostly in […]

So you think you could outrun a lava flow

Photographer Ken Boyer captured this unbelievable scene as lava gushed from Kilauea’s Fissure 8 on June 15, 2018. If you were thinking you could easily outrun those creeping flows we’ve […]

And the games continue

Friday the Memorial Day “games” began at the entrances to Rocky Mountain National Park. Cars lined up bumper to bumper waiting to get through the toll plazas. So today I […]

Let the games begin

It’s a brilliant sunny day, with the high temperature in Denver to be in the 80s, and a three-day holiday weekend lies ahead. I’m delighted to be here at home […]

There’s action on Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road, which reaches elevations above 12,000 feet as it crosses through Rocky Mountain National Park, traditionally opens on Memorial Day Weekend. But in the mountains Nature always has […]

Just another fish/shark/osprey story

Florida photographer Doc Jon thought he’d photographed an osprey in flight some 400 feet above the beach. He had. And having tried to pick birds from the sky with my […]

Osprey catches koi in Colorado

(Updated April 25) A local newscast just showed an osprey nest in Boulder, Colo., and noted there is a webcam there. I didn’t realize there were ospreys in the area, […]

Spring in Colorado

Yesterday it was sunny and warm. About 70°. I took the dog for a walk. This morning it is cloudy with a snow/rain mix. Temp is 35°. The yard man […]

Hey there, it’s Earth Day

Earth Day is important, you know. Me and all my amphibian cousins will be among the first to disappear if you humans don’t clean up your act and protect our […]


This is an untitled photograph from Erik Stensland’s Facebook page. Stensland is a professional photographer based in Estes Park, Colorado, and his photos of Rocky Mountain National Park are favorites […]

Another beautiful wind map

Several weeks ago I published an item about my favorite wind map — live wind currents swirling across a map of the United States in an endless, ever-changing piece of abstract […]