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Category: Rocky Mtn Natl Park

Mountain winds fan Fern Lake Fire

(Updated 12:58 pm MST, 12/01/12) In early October I wrote about the Fern Lake Fire that had started just west of Estes Park in Rocky Mountain National Park. Steep, hazardous […]

White stuff debuts in Denver

Morning sun breaks through the clouds to highlight last night’s bounty — several inches of beautiful, white, wet snow. The forecast is for 4-6 inches more tonight. After a desperately […]

Time for more Stensland

I thought it was time for another Erik Stensland photograph. He’s based in Estes Park, Colorado, and is my favorite Rocky Mountain National Park photographer. Check out his websites, Images […]

Rain in Estes!

Whee! Just grabbed this image from the webcam at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. That rain is the prettiest thing I’ve seen up that way for several days. Beats […]

Snow on Trail Ridge Road

Snow in the high country

Check out the webcam at the Alpine Visitor Center on Trail Ridge Road. Snow in the high country! I can hear skiers all across the state cheering. Frankly, I’m not […]

Aspen color

Day trippin’

Back in July I wrote about the Alpine Visitor Center up on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. And I included a video of a drive up to […]