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Category: Rocky Mtn Natl Park

"Like a Dream' by Erik Stensland

Dreaming in Rocky Mountain National Park

Estes Park photographer Erik Stensland captures a lot of magnificent images in Rocky Mountain National Park, but my favorites are always the quiet, misty ones where clouds seem to shut […]

Your tax dollars at work. Not.

You knew I had to do it. You knew that if Boulder Canyon opened last night, I’d be heading to Estes Park today. I couldn’t tell you why exactly, except […]

Cello on Longs Peak: So Colorado

What do you do if you’re a cellist teaching music in a summer camp near Longs Peak, Colorado? Why, you decide to climb the peak, all 14,259 feet of it. […]

"Last Light at Treeline" by Erik Stensland. Reprinted by permission.

New photograph from Erik Stensland

There’s always something new to photograph in Rocky Mountain National Park, and Erik Stensland does it better than anyone. He didn’t say exactly where he was when he shot “Last […]