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Category: immigration

Tail starting to wag the dog in U.S.

In Morgan Hill, Calif., yesterday, five Live Oak High School students were sent home for wearing T-shirts featuring American flags. Administrators ruled the shirts “incendiary.” Excuse me? You can’t wear […]

Arizona clarifies wording on immigration bill

Late yesterday Arizona amended its controversial new anti–illegal immigration bill (SB 1070) to clarify several passages. While the changes weren’t necessary for some of us to understand the bill’s meaning […]

I think they hit a nerve

Wow, here’s a number that got my attention: 39,105 That’s how many comments there are so far on an AP story entitled “Illegal immigrant law opponents to rally in Ariz.” […]

Arizona takes lead on illegal immigration

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) has just signed the state’s new anti–illegal immigration bill, SB 1070, into law. Hats off to Arizona. It’s about time somebody, somewhere did something about enforcing […]

Immigration reform: not this year

Brent Wilkes, executive vice president of the League of United Latin American Citizens was just on CNN to discuss immigration reform. He was, of course, invited to appear. I’ve gotten […]

Yet another case for tort reform

There was a tragic accident in Aurora, Colorado, two years ago. A toddler in an ice cream shop was killed when a pickup crashed through the shop’s window. Also killed […]

There she goes again …

The CDC has identified seven cases of a new strain of swine flu in the US. Five of the seven appeared in San Diego, California, and two near San Antonio, […]

None so blind

I recently stumbled across a website called The Unapologetic Mexican which, as it turns out, houses an articulate but seething, angry reconquista (nezua, a US citizen by birth). Had I […]

It’s a simple question

I’ve been browsing and got caught up again in the illegal immigration issue. I haven’t been there in a while. The subject didn’t get a lot of attention during last […]

Panarin’s Disintegration: USA ends in 2010

Russian professor Igor Panarin, reportedly a very affable guy, is brightening the new year for his countrymen and women with his theory about the U.S. Referred to as Panarin’s Disintegration, […]

Birdwatching in the good ol’ USA

Borrowed the following from friend Lumpy because I think it deserves the attention it’s getting as a circulating email. As analogies go, this one’s a 10: I bought a bird […]

Bank of America, here’s my card

Okay, Bank of America, your new policy of issuing credit cards to people who don’t have Social Security numbers (read illegal immigrants) is totally unacceptable! Let ’em stay and help […]