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Category: Law

Fear of flying

Actually, I have no fear of flying. I’ve always enjoyed flying. (Or did before they shrank the seats to about half a normal adult’s size.) My problem these days is […]

Guns at the GOP convention?

“Thousands Petition To Allow Guns At Republican Convention For ‘Safety’” This Huffington Post headline today comes only a week or so after Donald Trump assured us there will likely be riots at […]

R.I.P. Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia

Finally, yesterday and today, without mention of politics, the nation paused to give the late Justice Antonin Scalia the consideration and respect he so richly deserved. R.I.P. Justice Scalia.

Gonna need a lot more popcorn

A few days ago I posted a cartoon about voters watching the presidential campaign wars — popcorn in hand — as though they were binge watching “Game of Thrones.” And […]

Three years ago today: Sandy Hook

This 6′ × 24′ graffiti mural was the work of Gamma Acosta, Longmont, Colo. “Crayons” was his statement about the Sandy Hook school massacre, done a day later. For the […]

Drone registration: It’s about time

Multiple sources are reporting the government will announce Monday — finally! — that drones must be registered with the Department of Transportation. According to Fortune: The plan adds hobbyists to those who must […]

And yet we keep funding it

  (In fairness it should be noted that in recent tests the TSA did detect 5% — five percent! — of the explosives and weapons sent through their checkpoints  … )