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Category: advertising

And now a word from our sponsor …

This is a “high fashion” ad that appears in my New York Times newsletter most days. I’ve always thought high fashion stuff was kind of silly. Dramatic poses that normal […]

How to do a pet rescue commercial

For years I’ve cringed at the pet rescue commercials done by the SPCA. You know the ones — the sappy song (“In the Arms of an Angel”), the pitiful animals, […]

No puppy love from GoDaddy ad

  Super Bowl commercials are beginning to appear and I’ve somehow managed to miss most of them. (As an advertising major in college, I always find them interesting.) This one […]

Life Alert tries again (video)

First, Life Alert became a long-standing joke with its “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercials. Then it was widely and justifiably condemned for a truly creepy, horrible commercial. […]

Cartier back with new commercial

  In 2012 Cartier stunned us with a 3.5 minute tour de force that set a new gold standard for television commercials. Now, following that success, they’ve released “Cartier — Shape […]

Life Alert sinks to new low

I just saw the latest Life Alert commercial and my reaction is so negative in so many ways that I hardly know where to begin. Fear tactics are a loathsome […]

Busey commercial difficult to watch

This evening I saw again — twice — Gary Busey’s new commercial for Amazon Fire. It’s weird. Busey is weird. It’s a known weirdness, the result of a severe brain […]

Chrome closes add-on vulnerability

Not long ago I wrote about a malware vulnerability with Chrome updates and extensions. Now, according to an item in Computerworld, it appears Google has finally slammed the door on […]

Coke commercial causes controversy

Coca Cola’s Super Bowl ad has caused quite an uproar on Twitter and Facebook. It seems a lot of people think the song “America the Beautiful” should be sung in […]

Freaking out over ‘giffing out’

Massive amounts of Christmas advertising have always annoyed me. I’ve been a grinch for decades and freely admit it, and being assaulted by so much Christmas “joy” every time I […]

Double, double toil and trouble

You may already be familiar with this high tech gizmo. It’s a telecommuting device of sorts, controlled by the owner, who uses an iPad or computer remotely to drive this […]

Creepy ad from MetLife

Among the more tasteless ads on TV these days are several from MetLife. Two daughters have just heard that dad had an accident and rather than inquiring about his condition, […]

The Hello Flo commercial: Helpful or not?

This is one of those subjects where the older generation and younger generation part ways. A commercial for girls that is bold, honest, and up front about a subject discussed […]