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Category: art/design

We apologize for the inconvenience

After months (if not years) of indecision, I’ve decided to make some changes in Pied Type’s design. This will no doubt cause me great consternation and frustration as I try […]

And now a word from our sponsor …

This is a “high fashion” ad that appears in my New York Times newsletter most days. I’ve always thought high fashion stuff was kind of silly. Dramatic poses that normal […]

Nobody asked me

Yesterday Colorado Governor Jared Polis announced the adoption of a new official logo for the state. Can’t say I’m thrilled with it. Yes, I appreciate that it’s more colorful than […]

It’s Color of the Year time

Pantone has announced its Color of the Year for 2019 — “Living Coral.” Without having read  their usually overblown, hyperbolic description, I’d venture to call it bright, springy, happy. However, […]

Walk, don’t run, in this hallway

Tired of people running down their hallway (supposedly), Casa Ceramica, a tile company in Manchester, UK, installed this optical illusion floor. It also happens to be a great attention-getting device. […]

Pantone announces new purple to honor Prince

The Pantone Color Institute, in collaboration with the estate of the late singer Prince, yesterday announced a new shade of purple called “Love Symbol #2” (the symbol he used for several […]

Teeniest, tiniest origami cranes

David Kawai, a photojournalist in Ottawa, Canada, makes what surely must be the world’s tiniest origami cranes. Unless someone else has extremely tiny hands or uses tweezers, or maybe pins […]

Denver surreality

I’ve been AWOL for a while. I realize that. But when you don’t want to see or read another word about the grotesquery in Washington, or the terror attacks overseas, […]

How high’s the water, mama?

Social media have dubbed this tiny Berlin puddle sculpture “Politicians discussing global warming,” but the sculpture is actually called “Electoral Campaign” and is part of a larger street art installation […]

The Blue Trees in Denver

There’s a new public art installation in Denver. Work on it started yesterday and continues today. Artist Konstantin Dimopoulos, with the help of volunteers, is creating his Blue Trees project. It […]

This is not a parrot

Nope, not a parrot. Look closely. Do you see her now? This exquisitely painted woman is the work of award-winning body painter Johannes Stötter. Born and based in South Tyrol (Italy), […]

I could have worked for Pantone

It’s not that I have a color fixation. Well, actually, I guess I do. Even as a child the various colors available in paint sets fascinated me. But it was many […]

It’s Color(s) of the Year time

It’s that time again. You know, that time when Pantone announces its Color of the Year for the coming year and I comment on the ridiculous, over-the-top verbiage they use to […]