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Category: art/design

Yarn bomber adorns Denver statue

I’ve been fascinated by yarn bombing since some bombers received a grant to decorate a fence in Denver a few years ago. But most yarn bombing is a form of […]

Invasion of the dirds

You might already be familiar with dirds, but I was surprised and amused when I saw some on the local news today. These are from Sad and Useless, and there […]

What do these pictures have in common?

If you’ve read the captions, you already know what these pictures have in common. They’re all paintings. Not photographs. Paintings. By some of the world’s greatest photorealists, artists who snap […]

Etched in the sands of time

British artists Jamie Wardley, 33, and Andy Moss, 50, and a team of volunteers traveled to Arromanches beach, Normandy, to create this haunting reminder of the lives lost during the Operation […]

‘Hand painted’ animals by Guido Daniele

These remarkable body (hand) paintings are the work of Italian artist Guido Daniele. For many more examples of his unique style, visit his website. Click any image for close-up views of […]

Think pink

Pink. What do you think of the color pink? What does it bring to mind? Does it remind you of anything in particular? Good things or bad things? Somehow I […]

She plays with her food

Hong Yi, a Malaysian artist and architect, is a grown-up, but she still plays with her food. In a most impressive way. There’s more delicious art on her website, Oh I […]

brass bangle from Caliber Collection

I’d buy one in a minute

Judging from the press list on their stylish website, I must be the last writer in the country to discover jewelry from The Caliber Collection. Nevertheless, I have to mention […]

Detail from Acosta's "Crayons"

Thank you, ‘Crayons’ readers

As my post about Gamma Acosta’s “Crayons” mural reaches the end of its rotation on Freshly Pressed, I’d like to thank readers for their overwhelming response. It was gratifying to see […]

‘Crayons’ post to be Freshly Pressed

WordPress notified me today that my post about Gamma Acosta’s mural “Crayons” will appear on Freshly Pressed sometime in the next week. I’m honored to be featured again but especially […]

Pics and pins

Artist David Adey used assorted craft punches to cut thousands of pieces of photographed skin from fashion magazine ads. He then pinned the bits to a foam panel to create […]

World’s ugliest yacht

Steve Jobs may have designed or commissioned some gorgeous, elegant high tech phones and computers, but I can’t say much for his taste in yachts. Jobs and minimalist designer Philippe […]