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Another spate of ‘compliments’

Anyone else get a pot full of spam this morning? I went to bed last night with an empty email inbox and a clean, up-to-date Akismet screen. This morning I […]

WordPress, have you been naughty … again?

Just about a year ago I posted “WordPress, have you been naughty?” It was about a screenshot disappearing from my media library and thus from the post where it appeared, “Ouch, WordPress […]

Oops, I missed that blogging milestone

I had intended to do something self-congratulatory when I got to my 2,000th post on Pied Type, but I managed to miss it. “Password predicaments,” posted May 11, was numero […]

Should links open in new windows/tabs?

On her blog One Cool Site this week, timethief listed some good sources for blogging tips and one in particular piqued my interest. It discusses how and why to have […]

Spammers ‘Like’ WordPress news, too

WordPress announced two new themes today and of course I couldn’t wait to take a look. They are named “Newsworthy” and “Visual.” When I got to the bottom of the […]

Why I turned off WordPress ‘Like’

I‘ve been a WordPress blogger for many years, but only in the last couple of weeks have I learned how WP’s Like button actually works. At least, I think I […]

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Issues WordPress needs to address

On her blog One Cool Site, timethief recently discussed WordPress Followers. She has noticed a high number of Followers who are actually commercial sites, spammers, etc. and wishes WordPress would […]

Heads up; the spammers are back

They’re back. Those odd spammers that I wrote about in January. The ones that look almost legitimate but somehow still smell. If it gets bad enough I may switch to […]

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Suggestion: A paid Reblog Opt-Out

(Updated 2:30 pm, Jan. 13, 2012) It’s an old but ongoing discussion — WordPress’s Reblog feature. Many of us have complained to WordPress for several years that we don’t like […]

Detail from Acosta's "Crayons"

Thank you, ‘Crayons’ readers

As my post about Gamma Acosta’s “Crayons” mural reaches the end of its rotation on Freshly Pressed, I’d like to thank readers for their overwhelming response. It was gratifying to see […]

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New kind of spam on WordPress

I’ve recently noticed a new kind of spam getting through Akismet and into my comments. It doesn’t contain a lot of links, doesn’t come from email addresses or URLs containing […]

‘Crayons’ post to be Freshly Pressed

WordPress notified me today that my post about Gamma Acosta’s mural “Crayons” will appear on Freshly Pressed sometime in the next week. I’m honored to be featured again but especially […]