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Category: WordPress

curious cat

Look what the cat dragged in

As a blog administrator, I love to peruse my stats for clues as to who is visiting Pied Type, how and why they came here, what they were looking for, […]

wordpress logo & wrench

‘Optimizing’ Pied Type

Help me improve your Pied Type visit. With my current theme (The Morning After), there is a lot of information on the home/front page that you won’t see if you […]


If you have a copyright date on your blog, don’t forget to update it to 2012. Those dates are one of the first things to signal a blog is not […]

About About

Pied Type’s About page, subject to constant revision, has been updated yet again. If you haven’t visited it recently, you might want to check it out. It might be even longer […]

Mining new ideas for your WordPress theme

Looking for new ideas for designing/redesigning/using your WordPress theme? Google the credit line at the bottom of the page (eg: “Blog at Theme: The Morning After by WooThemes”) — […]

WP icons

WordPress feeds: Full text or summary?

By now you probably know there is a WordPress widget that lets you subscribe to a blog via email. But I’ve only recently figured out why sometimes the email notification […]

Happy dance

Doin’ a little happy dance here. I just succeeded in getting my copyright line into the footer without having to ask for help in the forums. First time ever!

Doin’ the WordPress switch again

As you can see, I’ve been redecorating again. What you’re looking at, for the moment at least, is “The Morning After” theme. It certainly isn’t the most attractive front page […]

Hey, WordPress, check this out

In a previous post about things I’d like to see added to WordPress themes, I mentioned liking dynamic features, features that change or move or work in interesting ways. WordPress […]

WordPress: Paving cow paths

A few days ago WordPress users got a letter from Matt — Matt Mullenweg, WP’s founding developer — reporting on the growth of his baby. In the course of his […]

WordPress releases ‘Piano Black’ theme

It’s true. Nothing makes a color image “pop” like a black matrix or background. If you don’t believe me, try previewing WordPress’s newest theme, “Piano Black,” on your WP blog. […]