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Suggestion: A paid Reblog Opt-Out

(Updated 2:30 pm, Jan. 13, 2012) It’s an old but ongoing discussion — WordPress’s Reblog feature. Many of us have complained to WordPress for several years that we don’t like […]

Detail from Acosta's "Crayons"

Thank you, ‘Crayons’ readers

As my post about Gamma Acosta’s “Crayons” mural reaches the end of its rotation on Freshly Pressed, I’d like to thank readers for their overwhelming response. It was gratifying to see […]

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New kind of spam on WordPress

I’ve recently noticed a new kind of spam getting through Akismet and into my comments. It doesn’t contain a lot of links, doesn’t come from email addresses or URLs containing […]

‘Crayons’ post to be Freshly Pressed

WordPress notified me today that my post about Gamma Acosta’s mural “Crayons” will appear on Freshly Pressed sometime in the next week. I’m honored to be featured again but especially […]


Thank you, WordPress, for making it snow. At the rate things are going, I’m afraid it’s about the only snow we’ll see in Denver this month. Now if you could […]

Changing fonts, again

Yes, I’m playing with the blog’s fonts again. I really liked the Palatino body type I was using, but when my MacBook got sick I was forced back to the […]