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Category: WordPress

Pied Type to appear on Freshly Pressed

Just found this email from the WordPress folks in my inbox: Congrats! We’ve picked your post ( ) to appear on Freshly Pressed on the WordPress home page. We really enjoyed […]

Galaxy S3

Grandma gets a smartphone

Actually, despite the title, I don’t exactly have my new phone in hand yet. In theory I should have it, but there have been a few stumbling blocks along the […]

WordPress strikes again

Note the ugly truncated titles in my “Current Bestsellers” widget. It wasn’t that way yesterday, and I didn’t do anything to change it. WordPress did it, of course. They’ve changed […]

WordPress/Adblock problem fixed

It was reported an hour ago in the WordPress forums that the Adblock problem I wrote about in “Has WordPress been tinkering again?” has been fixed. And having just re-enabled […]

wordpress logo & wrench

Has WordPress been tinkering again?

There has been a rash of reports in the WordPress forums in the last couple of days regarding our visual editor page not working properly. At least not with Firefox. […]

Reader input requested

Just looking for a little input from readers. Currently I have the topics “Internet,” “blogging,” and “WordPress” indexed under Media/Comm. Every time I write something to be filed under one […]