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Category: Internet

Son of Beep Beep Boop

WordPress users not yet visited by the son of beep beep boop have something to look forward to … not. I became a victim today — of the new WP stats […]

Hackers win, Sony cancels film release

For the record, I’m furious at all those theater chains (Carmike, AMC, Cineplex, Regal, etc.) that announced today they wouldn’t show The Interview in their theaters. And I’m furious at Sony for […]

Let it snow … or not

WordPress has turned on its annual snowfall and it will be available until January 4. To turn the snow on or off on your blog, go to Dashboard > Settings […]

Hey, Google has a timer

Did you know Google has a timer function? I wasn’t aware of it until I stumbled across a video on Business Insider, “5 Awesome Google Features You Didn’t Know About.” All you […]

How to choose a WordPress theme

Whether you’re just tired of your WordPress theme and want a new look or you’re a new blogger trying to choose your first theme, there are a lot of details […]

Akismet shines above WordPress storm

It’s been a long, frustrating, infuriating 10 days for WordPress bloggers. The new and improved editor that isn’t, with all its attendant bugs, hiccups, missing features, and malfunctioning has been […]

Hey, I did a guest post for timethief

Just an FYI to my readers: My first-ever guest post was published on timethief’s blog, One Cool Site, a few days ago. Through some weird miscommunication, I only just found […]

Longs Peak afternoon

In a week flooded with seemingly endless awful news, I needed a break, a moment of beauty and tranquility. This is a screenshot from Eric Calkins’ Longs Peak webcam, captured […]

Knock it off, WordPress!

WordPress has done it again, in case you hadn’t noticed. Go ahead, start a new post. Or try to edit an old one. Beep beep boop! Bubbles. Baby blue background. […]

#IfTheyGunnedMeDown takes media to task

There’s a critically important point being made on Twitter this week. And news outlets across the country should be giving it serious thought. #IfTheyGunnedMeDown is a social media campaign prompted by […]

rebeccapurple, #663399, named in memory of Rebecca Meyer

The color purple

This particular shade of purple, #663399, is now officially designated rebeccapurple, making it one of only about 150 CSS web colors with a name. It was the favorite color of Rebecca Meyer, […]

Mystery on Niwot Ridge

I expected it to be a while before any hikers appeared near the TundraCam on Niwot Ridge. After all, mountain trails in June tend to be pretty wet and squishy […]


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