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Category: Media

Aww, Sandy, give the man a break!

Wow, can you believe that Sandra Bullock? Divorcing Jesse James just because he cheated on her. Has she no compassion? No understanding? It wasn’t Jesse’s fault; he couldn’t help it! […]

Baylee Almon and Chris Fields

Remembering the Oklahoma City bombing

Fifteen years ago today Timothy McVeigh’s bomb shattered the tranquility of a bright spring morning in Oklahoma City. It doesn’t seem possible that so much time has passed. Yet in […]

Goodbye to a true Southern Belle

I was deeply saddened and shocked to hear Dixie Carter died today. She was only 70. I enjoyed her so much on “Designing Women,” where she played the smart, feisty, […]

Nike ad a nasty misstep

If you live on the moon, you might not have seen or heard about the creepy new Nike ad with Tiger Woods’ dead father talking to him. That’s all it […]

American terrorism in the 1800s

Roland S. Martin, a black commentator/contributor on CNN, went off the deep end today over Virginia’s declaring a Confederate History Month. The man was furious that Virginia would declare even […]

‘Legs’ McGee and Molly have mug

Just passing along the information … I found a mug at Zazzle with a picture of Molly and the now-famous “Legs” McGee, her mate. Like all the night cam images […]