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Category: Media

Heads up, WP bloggers

So, didja catch the latest feature from WordPress? They announce these things so quietly, they’re easy to miss, but I suppose pop-ups, pop-unders, or flashing, blinking text would be too […]

Buh bye, Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs quit CNN last night. Abruptly. Announced it on the air. Really? Really. His convoluted explanation about other opportunities sounded pretty lame to me, although admittedly I didn’t hear […]

My kind of hunting

The woods are made for the hunters of dreams, The brooks for the fishers of song; To the hunters who hunt for the gunless game The streams and the woods […]

Babble on

I prattle. I ramble. I babble on … and on … and on. I know I do. And I apologize for doing it here just because I can. You can’t […]

Call me Samuel

I’d been sawing logs for at least four hours when the phone rang. (You already know where this is going, right?) Grrrrr! Rolling over, I reached sleepily for the phone. […]

Johnny Mac and the Internet

Hoo, boy. I had to hear this first from Jon Stewart, not from one of our “legitimate” news sources. Sen. John McCain introduced a bill in the Senate last Thursday, […]

News in a nutshell

Want the news, but you’re in a hurry? Want more than just headlines but less than multipage in-depth reports? Check out Newser (“Read less, know more”), one of my favorite […]