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Category: television

Schadenfreude and Roseanne Barr

Yep, too much schadenfreude. On my part, that is. And I feel a bit guilty about it. But only a little bit. I was appalled last fall by ABC’s decision […]

Who do you trust?

Apparently we have a president-elect who likes or even prefers communicating via Twitter to whatever audience frequents and gets its sometimes-fake news from social media. For better or worse (I think worse), they all […]

Walking back the news, or not

The issue came up this morning on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” The story in question was the one about allegedly drunk Secret Service agents crashing into or through a White House […]

Cartier back with new commercial

  In 2012 Cartier stunned us with a 3.5 minute tour de force that set a new gold standard for television commercials. Now, following that success, they’ve released “Cartier — Shape […]

McCain will continue as CNN fixture

Was it only two days ago when I got so annoyed at seeing John McCain on CNN — again? Yes, I turned off his ravings and accusations against Jay Carney, but […]

The Sixties

It’s late to mention something that started on May 29, but CNN’s original series “The Sixties” is wonderful television. Whether it’s because I was there and old enough to be […]

Busey commercial difficult to watch

This evening I saw again — twice — Gary Busey’s new commercial for Amazon Fire. It’s weird. Busey is weird. It’s a known weirdness, the result of a severe brain […]

Atheist commercial? OMG!

  This commercial aired on both The Daily Show and the Colbert Report tonight. I was startled to see it but absolutely delighted. Yes! More! Nothing like seeing the name Reagan […]