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Category: television

R.I.P. Garrick Utley

Veteran broadcast journalist Garrick Utley died February 20 of prostate cancer. He was 74. Born in 1939 to parents who worked in radio and TV news, Utley personified the “old school” […]

They wanted to change their world

Seeking the latest news on the Russian invasion of Ukraine this evening, I came across a CNN opinion piece entitled “What the West owes Ukraine.” Yes, I thought. What do […]

Offending the uninvited

We’ve taken political correctness to ridiculous extremes in this country, and I’ve ranted about it before. These days you can scarcely say or do anything without offending someone. It just […]

Coke commercial causes controversy

Coca Cola’s Super Bowl ad has caused quite an uproar on Twitter and Facebook. It seems a lot of people think the song “America the Beautiful” should be sung in […]

Double, double toil and trouble

You may already be familiar with this high tech gizmo. It’s a telecommuting device of sorts, controlled by the owner, who uses an iPad or computer remotely to drive this […]

Creepy ad from MetLife

Among the more tasteless ads on TV these days are several from MetLife. Two daughters have just heard that dad had an accident and rather than inquiring about his condition, […]

The war on Thanksgiving

Not wishing to sear my eyeballs and raise my blood pressure, I did not watch yesterday’s “Hannity” on Fox News. And apparently I picked a particularly good day to do […]

Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul

Last wish for ‘Breaking Bad’

With the series finale of “Breaking Bad” airing tomorrow night, it seems to have become almost obligatory for every website and writer on the Internet to offer some comment, analysis, […]

Breaking Bad this week featured an old song by the Limeliters, "Take My True Love by the Hand"

‘Breaking Bad’ features Limeliters song

No spoilers here. Just pure nostalgia. Tonight’s episode of “Breaking Bad,” “Ozymandias,” included the song “Take My True Love by the Hand” by the Limeliters. The Limeliters were my favorite […]

Vince Gilligan look-alike?

The last few weeks I’ve been watching “Talking Bad” after each episode of “Breaking Bad,” my favorite TV show. And I’ve been seeing series creator Vince Gilligan. Every time I […]

Anderson Cooper rips Pat Robertson

Anderson Cooper went after Pat Robertson on his AC360 Ridiculist Wednesday night, and it was a thing of beauty. Robertson is a pathetic, hateful old man who deserves all the ridicule […]