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Category: television

EF4 or EF5 tornado hits Moore, Okla.

Just turned on CNN for the first time today, looking for reports on yesterday’s tornado damage around Oklahoma City. I was met with live coverage of damage, but it was […]

Tornadoes, technology, and hometowns

I moved away from Oklahoma City and Tornado Alley in 2005, but some days it seems like I’m still there. This afternoon I turned on CNN and was greeted with […]

CNN rapidly becoming laughing stock

It would be laughable it if hadn’t been one of America’s most well-known news outlets. So I suppose that just makes it pitiful. No, scratch that; it really is laughable. […]

Flash: CNN has free online games

Were you aware that CNN now offers free online games? Games. On CNN. Yes, that CNN. I stumbled across them yesterday and was and am totally perplexed. A cable news channel […]

S.E. Cupp takes MSNBC to a new low

Before today I’d never heard of S.E. Cupp. Sadly, now I have. I already knew MSNBC was pathetic as a news organization (all commentary, very little news), but in the […]

Media errors in Boston irresponsible

You’d think with a story as important as the Boston bombing, the media would be more careful about what they report. CNN must have been talking for two hours about […]

Education is a cross I must bear

A recent TV commercial for Cancer Treatment Centers of America is making me cringe and is killing CTCA’s credibility. With me, anyway. The man talking about his treatment speaks of […]

Surprise! Pig didn’t rescue goat

Remember this video from last September? It was faked. The pig didn’t rescue the goat. It was a set-up by prankster Nathan Fielder to promote the Oak Glen Petting Zoo […]

CNN stuck in story-of-the-day mode

Yesterday the only story CNN seemed willing to report was Christopher Dorner. In keeping with their one-story-per-day habit, today they are fixated on watching the powerless Carnival Triumph being towed […]