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Category: Webcams

A gorgeous fall day?

It’s a spectacular autumn day here in Denver, so I thought I’d take a look around the high country via webcam. Was both startled and bemused when I encountered the […]

Estes Park webcams page now has map

I suppose it was inevitable that when I figured out how to make custom maps with Google’s My Maps feature, I’d make one. And the obvious things for me to […]

Marmots on Niwot Ridge

I’ve spent a lot of time using the controllable TundraCam, up on Niwot Ridge near Nederland, CO (17 miles west of Boulder). It’s at 11,600 feet, in the middle of […]

Even giraffe cam isn’t above criticism

Note: To be sure you’re always seeing the current genuine live feed, click the official link at There are countless fake sites with erroneous information. Going through is […]

Estes Park webcam information updated

This month I’ve made a lot of changes to the post that usually tops my bestseller list, “Live streaming webcams on line in Estes Park.” I had to account for cameras that […]

Tips for TundraCam viewers

I’ve written more than once about the controllable TundraCam on Niwot Ridge northwest of Nederland, Colorado (about 15 miles due west of Boulder). Located at 11,600 feet, it affords some great views of […]

Dawn on Trail Ridge Road

Screenshots from webcams probably don’t count as photography, but I thought this morning’s sunrise as seen from the Alpine Visitor Center (at 11,796 ft. in Rocky Mountain National Park) was especially lovely. We’ve […]

Autumn cometh

It’s still pretty warm in the Denver metro. Lots of days in the 90s, though more often now in the 80s. But there’s hope in them thar hills. Some of […]

When the deep purple falls …

“When the deep purple falls over sleepy garden walls” in Nederland, Colorado, or elsewhere, it brings a lovely serenity. I grabbed this screenshot last night about 8:30 pm MDT from […]

Bear cam revisited

Several hours ago I took a quick peek at the Brooks Falls webcam in Alaska, the one I mentioned about a week ago. Didn’t see a lot of leaping salmon this […]

Bighorn on Pikes Peak

I was home alone Monday night, the Fourth of July, and at about 8:30 pm it occurred to me that by using the Pikes Peak webcam (still images that refresh every […]

Another great webcam, this time in Alaska

A roaring Alaskan river, bears fishing for salmon, seagulls circling overhead. Wilderness in all its glory. It’s Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, Alaska. This and several other webcams are […]

Fledge window opens tomorrow

Over at the Bella Hummingbird webcam, the list of viewers is growing as fledge day approaches. According to the posted schedule, Blossom and Banji hatched 20 days ago and fledging […]