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Category: Webcams

Pheona’s first hatches

Right on schedule, Pheona Robin’s first egg hatched at 8:15 last night. Because the camera owners now live in Spokane, someone suggested the chicks be name Spoke and Kane. That […]

Pikes Peak has webcams too

Longs Peak is the apple of my eye when it comes to Colorado’s mountains, but to many others Pikes Peak is “the peak.” And there’s a lot to be said for […]

More north Colorado webcams

My regular readers know I’m a big fan of webcams in the area between north Denver and Rocky Mountain National Park. And perusing personal weather stations has turned up two more […]

Longs Peak afternoon

In a week flooded with seemingly endless awful news, I needed a break, a moment of beauty and tranquility. This is a screenshot from Eric Calkins’ Longs Peak webcam, captured […]

Elk on Niwot Ridge

I clicked on the Niwot Ridge TundraCam this evening at about 6:30 pm MDT and was met with a screen full of elk. A big herd. What an exciting surprise. I watched […]

Busy days on Niwot Ridge

I’ve mentioned before that there can be a lot to see with the University of Colorado’s controllable webcam on Niwot Ridge, west of Boulder. This last week has been more […]

Lightning concludes 100 degree day

Several years ago I published this screenshot from a webcam focused on downtown Denver. I often refer to the camera just to see what’s going on down there, 18 miles to […]

More live webcams in Estes Park

This is a screenshot grabbed from one of Eric Calkins’ two new live Estes Park webcams. They are located on Elkhorn Avenue, Estes Park’s main street. That’s Bond Park across the […]

Mystery on Niwot Ridge

I expected it to be a while before any hikers appeared near the TundraCam on Niwot Ridge. After all, mountain trails in June tend to be pretty wet and squishy […]

Welcome back, TundraCam

My favorite webcam for a very long time has been the remotely controllable TundraCam run by several research groups at the University of Colorado. It’s located 17 miles west of Boulder […]

The artistry of webcams

  Frequent Pied Type visitors are aware of my addiction to webcams. I post screenshots from them, comment on their availability, etc. They are my windows on the world, and […]

Hummer update: First hatch this morning

(Update, March 29: The second egg hatched early this morning. There are now two healthy hatchlings in the nest.) For those following the story, the first of Phoebe’s two eggs […]