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Category: Webcams

Snow on Trail Ridge Road

It shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but it always does. Snow in the high country. In the summer. (It’s not fall until after Labor Day.) This is a screenshot from the […]

Twilight on Trail Ridge

Just a screenshot I grabbed this evening from the Trail Ridge Road webcam. Thought others might enjoy it too. . ALSO ON PIED TYPE: RMNP’s Trail Ridge Road webcam is […]

screen shot, YMCA conference center webcam, Estes Park, Colo.

Webcams are like a box of chocolates

There are great photos by great photographers, like the one in the previous post, and then there are lucky screen grabs from distant webcams. I caught this one this afternoon […]

Fleur and Pip

Hungry for spring

If spring still seems months away in your part of the world (or even if it has arrived), treat yourself to this Southern California garden. Fleur and Pip, young hummingbirds […]

Great viewing on the hummingbird nest cam

Heads up to hummingbird fans: One of Phoebe’s two eggs hatched yesterday. The second could hatch any time. If you aren’t familiar with the hummingbird nest cam, you must check […]

Don’t miss second webcam view

Just a note (probably unnecessary) for those using my webcam links: I just noticed the Boulder Flatiron webcam page features two views, so be sure to scroll down and enjoy the […]

Sandy approaching NYC

Want to see Hurricane Sandy approaching New York harbor? Or more accurately at the moment, hear her? Check out the live streaming video of NY harbor from the Statue of […]

Eaglets in Decorah

Heads up to those who enjoy watching streaming wildlife video. The Decorah, Iowa, bald eagles have three eaglets in their nest now. Cute little guys (or gals). Catch the live […]

Phoebe’s second egg has hatched

There are now two hummingbird babies in Phoebe’s nest. Their names are Sansa and Arya. Note there’s a second Phoebe website with much more information. Make sure you turn up […]

Phoebe the hummer expecting two valentines

Phoebe, my favorite hummingbird, is currently tending two eggs that are expected to hatch in mid-February. Some of you will remember Phoebe from past years and newer readers may wonder […]