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Category: Money

Canadian flag

O Canada

The cheery economic news just keeps on coming. Now there’s a report that for the first time in recent history, Canadians are richer than Americans — to the tune of […]

Born $849,000 in the hole

Not only can women not “have it all,” but they are born at an $849,000 lifetime disadvantage. They live longer, earn less, pay more for insurance, and take more time […]

Mitt Romney

Romney on the run

Ed Gillespie, spinmeister for the Romney campaign, was all over the Sunday morning talk shows today trying to explain how his boss was not working for and with Bain Capital […]


Still made in the USA

I first came across this list on the Comcast website, although it appears they borrowed it from 24/7 Wall St. “Ten Surprising Products Still Made In America.” I would quibble […]

Political partisanship and the Big Bang

(Updated June 6, 2012, at 9:20 am MDT) Yesterday the Pew Research Center released a new report entitled “Partisan Polarization Surges in Bush, Obama Years.” The Pew study, as widely […]

Mitt Romney

Romney and Bain Capital — ugh!

I’ve known for some time that disliking Mitt Romney because of his social awkwardness, general cluelessness, and tying his dog on top of his car were not necessarily valid reasons […]

Just a matter of time

It’s been almost two years since BP oil’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig burned and sank into the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 men. And it was all due to human […]

New York Times

NYT raises paywall, reduces free access

The online New York Times has a problem, as does virtually every other print publication that has been forced by the advance of technology to develop an online presence. The […]

Louboutin shoes

Try this on for size

We’ve heard a lot of discussion in recent weeks about copyright and trademark law on the Internet, but I’m not going there again, at least not this time. No, this […]

Another Comcast complaint

They say you get what you pay for. So when Comcast gives you something for free — say, a router for your wireless network — you probably shouldn’t expect much […]

Are you listening, Washington?

I rarely listen to music. Too many memories and associations. Too much of it makes me cry. I listen to country music even less. It just isn’t “my genre.” Or […]


FTC slaps Facebook

The Federal Trade Commission has finally taken Facebook to task. Now, because of previous violations of its users’ privacy, the social network’s privacy policies will be subject to scrutiny by […]

My advice to Americans regarding Congress

To make sure Congress hears you, write them ( And remember your outrage when you go to the polls next November. These irresponsible elected “representatives” have put party before country […]