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Category: Election 2012

About that VP debate

Yes, I started watching it. Yes, I gave up after an hour. Biden was good when serious, but all his laughing (at what?) drove me nuts. Ryan was well rehearsed […]

debate bump

The presidential debate bump

It’s amazing what a little ol’ presidential debate can do for an obscure blog’s visitor stats. With Romney and Obama together on national TV last night and the cameras giving […]

First debate a yawner

It’s funny watching, or trying not to watch, all the detailed discussions and dissection of tonight’s presidential debate. I watched it — with difficulty, because it was so boring. Conclusions: Obama was […]

Election 2012: The Medscape point of view

Medscape, from the better-known WebMD, has posted a Clinician’s Guide to the 2012 Election, with news and perspectives for physicians and healthcare professionals. Those interested in the medical professional’s point […]

Obama - Romney

Presidential Debate: The game show

  By now the media have worked themselves into a frenzy over the looming presidential debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Who will win? What will they talk about? […]

Denver traffic

Obama-Romney debate disrupts Denver

I’ve had it up to here with presidential candidates screwing up Denver traffic and commerce this year. Every time one of them comes to town (I’ve lost track of how […]

Why nobody talks about Romneycare

(Updated Oct. 1, 2012, at 1:40 pm MT) Two Politico writers today called Romneycare “one of the greatest stories never told.” In “Big ‘Romneycare’ secret: It didn’t rein in costs,” Jennifer […]

NYT: We are the 96 percent

The New York Times ran an excellent opinion piece yesterday — “We Are the 96 Percent” by Suzanne Mettler and John Sides. In the midst of all the heated campaign […]

About that Romney video

One more inane aside to the Romney video: Anyone else wonder what those $50,000-a-plate donors had for dinner? What do you serve to people like that?

Poor in America

The following is excerpted from John Scalzi’s post “Being Poor” and from the comments that follow. It should be required reading for everyone but especially those who turn up their […]

What’s wrong with this picture?

Anyone else notice something wrong with this ad? I normally go out of my way to ignore political ads, but this one caught my eye because of the “bar graph.” […]