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Category: Perry

End of the road, Rick

Friday night, October 29, Republican presidential candidate Gov. Rick Perry delivered a speech in New Hampshire. This video shows highlights from the speech, which has to rate as one of […]

James Carville

Carville advises White House to panic

Democratic strategist and firebrand James Carville posted an article on CNN today titled “What should the White House do? Panic!” Great story for CNN to trumpet all day. Great attention-grabbing […]

Texas gunslingers

Look at Rick Perry swaggering on stage with his hands out from his sides like a gunslinger ready to draw. Is that just the way Texans are taught to walk? […]

Dominionism and the presidency

Dominionism. Ever heard of it? I hadn’t until today, when CNN’s Jack Cafferty did a piece on it. His question was, “How much does it worry you if both Michele […]

Does the governor know cursive?

In January in a post titled “Cursive on its way out?” I wrote, “I cringe to think to think of a supposedly ‘educated’ person printing his signature to endorse a […]

Countin’ cattle

Yep, it’s unmistakable. GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry, governor of Texas, bears an uncanny resemblance to former President George W. Bush, a former Texas governor. It may not be immediately […]

The power of pictures

This is Texas Gov. Rick Perry. A few months ago I barely knew his name and couldn’t have picked him from a crowd. Probably still couldn’t, for that matter. But […]