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Category: Election 2016

Ugly Americans

For more than a year New York Times reporters Erica Berenstein, Nick Corasaniti, and Ashley Parker attended Donald Trump rallies. Then they compiled this video. Their report and the video […]

Vote early, vote often

Here’s the poll you’ve all been waiting for. Breathlessly, no doubt. Pied Type’s presidential preference poll for 2016. This will give my readers, all five of them, plenty of time […]

Hillary Clinton breaks "glass ceiling" at Democratic Convention.

Will all that broken glass hurt Hillary?

No, I’ve not been watching the political conventions. It’s been hard to avoid the coverage and commentary, but for the most part I’ve succeeded. I just tune in late each evening […]

I trust this woman

I’ve been a fan of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for a number of years. From the first time I heard her speak, I’ve felt she was the real McCoy — […]

Political commentary with a free spelling lesson

Politics with a spelling lesson

From the New York Times today: On the eve of the New Jersey and California primaries, an Associated Press survey of superdelegates indicated that Hillary Clinton had clinched the Democratic […]

Designed by someone else to be someone else

The Washington Post has reported on an interview in which former Daily Show host Jon Stewart described the problem with Hillary Clinton. And he nailed it precisely. Which is to say, […]