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Category: McCain

McCain will continue as CNN fixture

Was it only two days ago when I got so annoyed at seeing John McCain on CNN — again? Yes, I turned off his ravings and accusations against Jay Carney, but […]

McCain and Palin together again

“It” came from Wasilla and strutted into Arizona today to boost Sen. John McCain’s sagging re-election bid. Seriously, he didn’t learn his lesson in November? He still thinks Sarah Palin […]

McCaaaaain, you did this!

I was shocked and deeply disappointed when John McCain named Sarah Palin as his GOP running mate back in 2008. Since then, I’ve just been getting angrier and angrier. He […]

I don’t regret voting for President Obama

Over on Real Clear Politics today, there’s an op-ed piece entitled “Why I Regret Voting for President Obama.” It’s written by freelance writer and independent voter Jill Dorson. I wonder […]

Johnny Mac and the Internet

Hoo, boy. I had to hear this first from Jon Stewart, not from one of our “legitimate” news sources. Sen. John McCain introduced a bill in the Senate last Thursday, […]

I read the news today, but why?

♦ That Alaskan woman whose initials are S.P. is going to “collaborate” in the writing of a book. A book! B-O-O-K. She can’t even remember which newspapers she reads. Her part […]

Breaking my Palin promise

I’ve just about stopped reading news of the presidential campaign since, unless I’m struck deaf and blind, I’m going to be inundated with it anyway. Still, I like to peruse […]